Enlightening Future Generation For A Sustainable Environment

Livingreen's #RecycleRepurposePlant event as reported in Leadership Newspaper

We are so excited and thankful to God for the completion of our first project.

A couple weeks back, Livingreen joined several organizations across the globe under the Global Climate Change Week (GCCW) event to spread the word about climate change and its impact to the academia, in order to fast-track the world’s target to reduce greenhouse gases emission by 1.5 per cent. GCCW, initiated in 2014 by Keith Horton was established in 2015 to extend the fight against climate change to the academia. In Nigeria, Livingreen, web-blog in collaboration with several green organizations initiated #RecycleRepurposePlant seminar at the LightWay Academy, to enlighten the students and its staff on the effects of climate change and introduce steps to reducing their carbon footprints.

Our aim was to demystify and simplify for better comprehension the subject of climate change and the purpose of recycling. #RecycleRepurposePlant, is to educate students on the subject of climate change, and why it matters.

We believe that “Telling people to recycle without they knowing why they should recycle, does not make sense. With the initiative, Livingreen educate students on the subject of climate change, how they contribute to it and ways to reduce climate change effects, via reducing their carbon footprints. So, they learn about recycling as part of waste management. They also learn to repurpose their household wastes, and understand that keeping urban gardens and farms, that encourage vegetation in small spaces promotes a healthy environment.”

To accomplish our purpose we collaborated with facilitators from ChanjaDatti, recycling and waste management company, Oke Peace, Love and Light Foundation, Department of Climate Change, Ministry of Environment, FreshDirect Farms, environmental creative Nawal Fahkry and Greenacircles in a one-day interactive seminar and sessions with the school, LightWay Academy.

#RecycleRepurposePlant focused on stirring up individual actions amongst the students, ignite genuine interest in local and global trends to climate change reduction, and encourage practical practice of environmental sustainability.

Sessions included A Beautiful World, by Okechukwu Iweala, which took a socio-communal approach to stir up students to take environmental action. Facilitators Chioma Edeh and Asmau Jibril, of the Department of Climate Change, addressed students on the federal government’s five-sectoral agenda to tackle effects of climate change in Nigeria and reduce Nigeria’s carbon footprint unconditionally by 20 per cent. Dayo Pelumi of ChanjaDatti Recycling and Waste Management company, elaborated on the subject of Recycling, both wastes and lifestyles to reduce students’ carbon footprint, while Nawal and Greenacircle, held an upcycling session of domestic waste into flowers.

Finally, students went on an excursion to the FreshDirect Farm, where they learnt about the vertical-container-urban farming system and greenhouse farming. They got acquainted with the growth cycles of the special Basil (spice) plant, that is unique to the farm and the hydroponic planting system that promotes planting with nutrients-based water rather than soil, a system perfectly suited to multi-profit farming in small urban spaces.

To encourage their independent interest in climate change and environmental sustainable matters, Livingreen gifted the students with information materials on the subject, such as books and a video documentary on wildlife preservation in Cameroon, donated by the Czech Embassy, Nigeria, as a means of citing community response to forest preservation, plus gifting the school with Nowhere To Run, Nigeria’s sole documentary (and a creation of the Shehu Musa Yar’adua Center) on the undeniable effects of climate change in Nigeria entitled Nowhere To Run. The documentary was screened at the event.